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the travel companion with which to conquer your autonomy and well-being

My name is Stefano Menegardi and I am originally from Lombardy. The Trentino mountains conquered me and I stopped in this place.

I am a social worker, educator and counselor.

After a degree in social work in Parma, I moved to Trento and obtained a master's degree in sociology. My intesse  was then addressed  to the organization of social realities, with the master in management of social enterprises.

For 5 years I have worked in various social and educational realities in the area.

In recent years I have been passionate about techniques of accompaniment, facilitation and support for decisions and situations of impasse. I wanted to follow this predisposition and structure it by attending a systemic counseling course, which lasted three years. I completed this path in 2020 and qualified as a Professional Counselor. 

I have always taken care of people and I try to accompany them on paths di consazzazza decided choices and 3181bad5cf58d_ -136bad5cf58d_My mission is to make others protagonists of their change.

I am a great lover of mountains and climbing. I see them as a metaphor for my work: in small steps, we all have the resources and the potential to reach the summit we choose to strive for.

My experience tells me that reaching the top often challenges us to want to reach the next one.

If you also have a summit to reach that seems particularly challenging to you, I propose myself as your climbing partner.

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